You’re Never Too Old To Be Fearless

The thing about having children is that you’re constantly amazed by their fearlessness, bad choices, and blatant lack of caution. While we parents (mothers especially) fret over the smallest things, imagine the worst and swift to eliminate any risk. I’ve since figured out that I need to put my risk management knowledge to use, and chill. But this article isn’t about risk management, its about being fearless, which is not quite the same as being reckless.

Two weekends ago, I headed out to find a new pair of jeans. I went to my usual store but couldn’t find what I wanted. As we were walking past another store, my husband asked me to try to see if I could find anything inside, and denim was on sale. It was a brand that I’ve never wore before,  and wasn’t familiar with the sizing. There was also a long line to the fitting rooms. I declined but undeterred, my husband nudged me on. Cutting the long story short, I found a nice pair of jeans at a very good price. This incident got me thinking. What made me hold back at that point of time? Was it my fear for change?

What happened to the reckless courage and spontaneity I had as a child? I suppose I can attribute it to the failures (even injuries) I experienced as I grew up. I learnt to avoid things that could hurt me, or made me feel uncomfortable. While there is nothing wrong with being content with current situation, don’t let it be the excuse for fear.

So, do you have plans to try something new today? Get uncomfortable, laugh at yourself, and be fearless (not reckless). The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a big bang, change your usual morning drink, or take a different route to work, learn something new, talk to a person at work you’ve never spoken to before, or start doing something that you’ve put off for the longest time. 🙂

About Kaye
Grew up in Singapore, stood on the cusp of the internet revolution and surfed it (literally). My “cloud” was made up of FTP servers, my “WiFi” were RJ-45 cables that ran across the walls in trunking that my dad hand-laid, and I coded in Turbo Pascal (if you know them, you’re probably as old as I am, or older). 🙂

I’m fascinated by all things digital and still bear nostalgia towards childhood gadgets. My first Pentium-I PC that ran on Windows’98, the comforting sound of the 56K modem, the fun I had with the Nintendo PopEye Handheld, the fights with my siblings over who got to use the land line, and my original Nokia 3310 that’s still sitting somewhere in my mom’s house. Not to mention the grande dames of the living room – the television sets that I grew up watching.

The site name originated from my mother. Every time she wanted to tell me something that I may not like, she’ll always start with “Just general talk…”. From her general talks I’ve learned, reflected, and rebutted (a lot). Caused her (major) heartaches along the way, and still inflicting some (minor ones) on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my articles. So do connect with me and let me know what you think of my articles.! 🙂

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Twitter: @kayehau

Feature Photo by from Pexels

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