In This Digital Age: eCommerce Cannot Be So Painful – A Customer Journey Reboot

As mentioned in my post previously, I had quite an unpleasant experience doing some eCommerce shopping some weeks back. As a busy working mom, I rely a lot on eCommerce sites to fulfill my needs.

Some eCommerce sites I frequent extensively do need a facelift in terms of UI / UX but at least I get to complete my purchases without a hitch. Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for this site. Without shaming anyone, here’s a run down of the things I encountered, and how it can be better executed.

  1. App To Website
    So they have an app for general information and when I selected shopping, I was brought to a website. Nothing serious, it’s perfectly alright if the eCommerce part hadn’t been integrate yet. What failed was that the link was broken, and the suggested links didn’t work too. I already had a bad feeling about this. But since they’re offering really good bargains, I decided to try using the laptop and access the website straight.Quick Fix: Fix outdated links embedded in the App.
  2. Multiple Login Options
    There’s nothing wrong with multiple login options as long as they are distinct and customers know exactly what they are (the likes of Google Login, Facebook Login, etc). The problem with the website was having two very similar proprietary logins. So, what’s the difference between OneA login and AShop login? I’m confused. At this point, I should have given up. But no, I started up my laptop just for this, I need to persevere!Quick Fix (ok, might take a while): Just collapse into a single login.
  3. Exorbitant Minimum Spending for Delivery
    After some login issues, I finally got into the website. Yay! I thought this was the start of my smooth shopping journey. But no, I realized that to do home delivery, I had to spend a minimum of $380. Really, who still does that in Singapore?! They, apparently. I can’t even pay for delivery if I don’t meet the minimum amount. So I had to ask around to combine purchases in order to meet the minimum spending since my purchases was way below.Quick Fix: Reduce minimum spending and give the option of chargeable delivery fee. Use Ninja Van, Lalamove, or QExpress.
  4. Getting Things Mixed Up between Click & Collect and Home Delivery
    I opted for delivery as I won’t be able to do C&C within a stipulated timing. However, because the entire work flow is not differentiated, they ended up rejecting my order.Quick Fix: Fix the buying flows

So after spending more time than I should in trying to resolve all the issues, I had to eventually give up on ordering from the website. Have you encountered unpleasant eCommerce experience before? What do you think can be further improved.

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I’m fascinated by all things digital and still bear nostalgia towards childhood gadgets. My first Pentium-I PC that ran on Windows’98, the comforting sound of the 56K modem, the fun I had with the Nintendo PopEye Handheld, the fights with my siblings over who got to use the land line, and my original Nokia 3310 that’s still sitting somewhere in my mom’s house. Not to mention the grande dames of the living room – the television sets that I grew up watching.

The site name originated from my mother. Every time she wanted to tell me something that I may not like, she’ll always start with “Just general talk…”. From her general talks I’ve learned, reflected, and rebutted (a lot). Caused her (major) heartaches along the way, and still inflicting some (minor ones) on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my articles. So do connect with me and let me know what you think of my articles.! 🙂

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