In This Digital Age: Digital Marketing Isn’t Too Different From “Traditional” Marketing

According to eMarketer (Feb 2019), digital ad spend in the USA will overtake traditional ad spend for the first time, in 2019. As the race for digital dominance forges on, some might feel that digital marketing should be in a class of its own. It’s true that the tools used are very different and a science on its own, but in a certain way, digital marketing isn’t exactly too different from traditional marketing. Here’s why:

1.The Full Works
While courses teach students on the tools, at the heart is the plan. No one can execute properly without first, establishing the brand identity, the marketing objectives, target segments, pricing, channels, communications, etc. And, it is always about the data. What else could it be? Data is the building block to everything. The difference is, the cost of acquiring & storing data, nuances and accuracy would differ across different methods.

3. Customers Don’t Like Ads (Digital or not)
Everyone has at least a favorite ad (if you don’t, it isn’t too late to look for one now). Mine happens to be the McDonald’s Ah Mah (Granny). It portrayed an old granny telling the camera that bringing her grandson out is very troublesome because he only likes Mac-Nor-Ner. Do I like it because Mcdonald’s is my favourite brand? Of course not, it reminded me of my late grandmother bringing me to McDonald’s when I was a kid. Just like what Mark Ritson declared, people hate ads. Ads gets ignored all the time, digital or not. The solution, make better ads that resonate.

4.Being Relevant
All marketers, brand managers, product managers (and everyone else in between) should chase after one thing – being relevant to their customers and non-customers. Just like how I would google instead of yahoo, drink coke instead of pepsi, etc. It is an evolving game, and it doesn’t matter whether its traditional or digital.

About Kaye
Grew up in Singapore, stood on the cusp of the internet revolution and surfed it (literally). My “cloud” was made up of FTP servers, my “WiFi” were RJ-45 cables that ran across the walls in trunking that my dad hand-laid, and I coded in Turbo Pascal (if you know them, you’re probably as old as I am, or older). 🙂

I’m fascinated by all things digital and still bear nostalgia towards childhood gadgets. My first Pentium-I PC that ran on Windows’98, the comforting sound of the 56K modem, the fun I had with the Nintendo PopEye Handheld, the fights with my siblings over who got to use the land line, and my original Nokia 3310 that’s still sitting somewhere in my mom’s house. Not to mention the grande dames of the living room – the television sets that I grew up watching.

The site name originated from my mother. Every time she wanted to tell me something that I may not like, she’ll always start with “Just general talk…”. From her general talks I’ve learned, reflected, and rebutted (a lot). Caused her (major) heartaches along the way, and still inflicting some (minor ones) on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my articles. So do connect with me and let me know what you think of my articles.! 🙂

Connect with me:
Twitter: @kayehau

Feature Photo by Daniele Riggi on Unsplash

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